Traveling During The Holidays

It is that time of year again! The time of year when the rush and madness to get home are at an all time high and, lets admit it, it can be stressful. I’m here to help you try and get over this stress and the possible anxiety you may have about travel. When I travel, a lot goes into play and without a doubt it is overwhelming but at the end of the day I am fully prepared. I have created this part of my website for you to look at the things I use when traveling gets annoying and I hope they help you too

The Right Pair of Headphones

Now we all know that this is rule number ONE, do not forget your headphones. Well, it might be number two considering you need your wallet and passports, but an important rule nonetheless! Nowadays, there are so many options for headphones to pack with you and I have had many in my lifetime but the ones that I always head back to are the wireless, E18 Bluetooth headphones The biggest thing about these headphones is that they are wireless, Bluetooth, and come with a nice hard rechargeable case. The way it works is you put the earbuds in the box and then the box get plugged into a charger. Now, both the box and ear buds are charging at the same time and when you are traveling around for 5 or 6 hours at a time, you can recharge these by putting them back into their box. One thing is, that they do not come with a cord but they use the same as most phones and I can almost guarantee you have one lying around.

Relaxing Lotion or Hand Sanitizer

Something that bothers me a lot when traveling is the fact that I can not control what goes on around me. The thing about traveling is, not everything will always go as planned so sometimes you just need to take a breather and not worry about the things you cannot control. For me, picking the right-hand sanitizer lotion or gel to carry around with you is a good idea because once you are situated in your seat, you can just drop in your headphones and take a nice whiff of your relaxing scented hands. The hand sanitizer I always use has a hook up to your bag with this attachment and can easily be accessible with a squeeze. It is a hand sanitizer by Bath and Body Works, filled with powerful eucalyptus aromas to relax your senses. You don’t even have to oddly smell your hands (people might stare you) but the aroma is noticeable and that in itself is relaxing. Just take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the ride.

The Right Sized Pillow

Have you ever gone somewhere and thought, “I really wish I had my pillow right now,” because I know I have. It is not a good feeling when you can not get comfortable and your neck is just trying to find a place to relax without falling over. I know it far too well and that is why I always carry a pillow with me, now depending on where I am going, picking the right size can be a challenge, regardless, we are doing it for our comfort and like I said, “traveling is a process.” I typically carry a normal sized pillow with a pillowcase (to also fit a small blanket) when I go on car rides but when I am traveling on an airplane I typically travel with this memory foam neck pillow. This honestly fits great around my neck and having a hood that covers my eyes it a great plus because the light can be hard to sleep with. The extra length in the hood works perfect in case i start to drool (we all do it!).

The Must Have Item

If there is anything that I should mention while writing this, it has to be something that reminds you of your end goal while traveling. For instance, there was this picture that I would carry in my wallet that my youngest sibling drew and it would remind me that I am doing all of this travel for them. At times, when we travel things get so hectic that we forget what our end goal is. It could be any goal like see you family, travel the world, break world records. Whatever it is, you should always have something that will help you keep going and stay centered. There is nothing wrong with a little reminder of why we go through great lengths to get somewhere.


With all that said, you know yourself best and this is what I do to make myself feel better when traveling gets stressful. There are other things you should not forget to take like medication, shoes, and underwear (these have been forgotten) and it’s going to change from time to time. One trip will be more extensive than others but traveling should be fun, regardless. I’m going to leave you with one last thing before you leave, be patient with yourself, be patient with others. Not everyone can be as prepared as you and sometimes a little patience and kindness goes a long way. I hope you all have taken something away from this. Until next time, happy and safe travels my friends!


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