Things To See in Tucson, Arizona

The sun is always up in Tucson, Arizona but I think what people do not know is that Arizona can also have snow and weather changes. So many parts of Arizona are not just about the desert. In fact, it is a beautiful state and you are guaranteed to see something special everywhere. From the beautiful birds, giant saguaros, to the mountains in the desert there is so much to see. When you visit Tucson, I definitely recommend going around to these places. Come along as I take you through a brief tour of the Tucson desert and what it has to offer for you!

Now, let me begin by reminding you that this is a desert and although it is absolutely beautiful it can also get hot. I see it all the time, people do not believe that you need to carry water with you and believe me, everywhere you go, you should be prepared. The desert is Very unapologetic warm so keep that water handy. Especially when you are visiting the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum! It is exactly what it sounds like, a desert museum, but this is a trip that can last for hours and has so much more to offer than just a tour of the desert. This is something you definitely need to have a car to go to because it tucked into the mountains of Tucson and is roller coaster of a beautiful ride. The museum itself includes with live animals, the chance to learn about our earth and minerals, along with a (popular With the kids) cave! This is definite must in Tucson and you won’t be disappointed, just make sure you dress very comfy and ready to walk.

Now when you are ready for some shade, I suggest the Tucson Botanical Gardens. It is a beautiful place to relax and walk around the property with beautiful sights of the living desert in your hands. Now, this is located more central in Tucson so it is easier to get to and a definite must. Now, if you’re traveling during the months of October thru May, you can encounter the beautiful butterfly exhibit which is included in the admission. I will suggest checking out their website or Facebook page because they will have special pricing on certain days, including free days! Did you gather up an appetite walking the garden? It is also a great place to sit and eat your lunch when you are finished exploring or even grab a bit at the café. Here is a map to help you navigate through the gardens.

Now, we know that there are zoo’s all over the country so why not mention Tucson’s small town zoo! Now the Reid Park Zoo, for starters, it’s not a small zoo and there is so much to see and do. Your kids will absolutely love it and there is so much shade from trees that it always feels fresh. One of my favorite of the newest exhibits has to be the elephants! Their new exhibit is large and has to many elephants, I was surprised when I saw it and could not have been more pleased. Also, the giraffes are always fun and you can even feed them at certain times for an additional cost. Something else that is pretty awesome, is that it is a part of Reid Park so you can leave the zoo and find one of the many places to eat your lunch. If you are getting too hot, there is s pool right across the zoo and you can definitely cool off there.

When you visit Tucson, it would not be a compete trip without visiting the towns famous “A Mountain”, also formally known as Sentinel Peak. This volcano-like mountain has been the landmark for the city since, probably forever. Of course, if you travel through Arizona you will see that in some cities the first letter of their name will be formed into a mountain with rocks and paint. In Tucson, you see the “A” for The University of Arizona which we locals pride ourselves in our local Wildcats. This is a good place to drive up with a raspado (Mexican snow cone) and sit at the edge of the mountain to watch the city.


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