How To Stay Organized While On Vacation

Have you ever wondered where you left something while staying out of town? How about if you tend to forget things period and have to wonder where you left it? (Slowly raises hand) That’s me. I am so easily distracted, always thinking about other things, there is no end to my madness. So traveling, I need help to stay organized, on track, and focus on the things that I need to be doing instead of worrying about things that I may or may not have forgotten. You know the feeling, the one where you are sitting halfway across town from your home and rethinking for the fifth time, “did I remember to pack this?” Let me tell you how I try to stay organized and I say try because things don’t always go as planned, but that is life, right? I try.

All The Bags

Sometimes I have bags for days! While it may seem a bit tedious, I do believe that being able to keep stuff separated in your bags is easier, There are many reasons to be able to do that though, like keeping clean and dirty clothes separate. One of my biggest fears while traveling is to have my luggage break open and have all of my stuff everywhere, so with that in mind I like to keep things in bags. All my socks and unmentionables in a bag, hair products in another, so on and so forth.

Hair Product Galore!

I know for a fact that it is hard to keep your gel, hair spray, straightener, jewelry, etc. in one piece so when I came across the WAYFARER SUPPLY Hanging Toiletry Bag it was no mystery that I would try it. So far it has compartments I need when trying to stay organized, compact enough to fit in my bag, and also has the perfect place for my long necklaces so that they don’t get stuck together. That in itself, was impressive.

Cards, ID’s, and more

One of my favorite things to have is The Zoppen Travel Passport Wallet, even when I’m not traveling across the country. This wallet is useful in many ways including having its tri-fold organizer holder, I’m able to carry all the things I need without having to struggle through my purse to find it. We all know that the more organized you can be with your belongs while traveling, the less you have to worry about. I’m l


The world is full of things to help make traveling slightly more convenient and these are just a few things I really enjoy having to lighten the stress and my load. Is there a strategy for you when it comes to travel? I hope this helps when it comes to preparing for travel.


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