Favorite Four Places To Go On Vacation

The world is filled with places where Your family can travel, go on vacation, and explore. The world get’s slightly limited when Your family’re traveling with children but there is no need to worry! Kids will be kids and can find enjoyment in most activities, as long as they’re with Your family they are happy. Here is a quick guide as to where we enjoy our time off.

At La Jolla Beach

San Diego, California

The beach is a great place to get away and relax by hearing the sound of waves crashing onto the shore. When we go to San Diego we make sure to book a house right on the beach or the boardwalk where we can go to sleep to the sounds of the ocean. Click here to book Your family next trip to San Diego!

Seattle, Washington

Now, Seattle is a fun place for the older crowd but still a must see! When we went, Pikes Place Market was so much fun! Seals at La JollaThere are many pop-up shops and places to eat. We enjoyed the fishermen that were selling the fish because they are so engaging. Definitely get all your fresh seafood from there! The needle was a neat place to visit too, although, I do not think kids would appreciate it as much. It is a nice place to relax and watch the city. Don’t stop there! If you have access to a vehicle during your stay, I suggest heading to La Jolla to see the sea lions relaxing beach side. This is definitely a stop you will remember for ages.

Phoenix, AZ

When it comes to Phoenix, the city can be hot during the summer but there are many things Your family can do when it comes to visiting. We like to stay at the Pointe Hilton because it is not far from the center of the city and it feels secluded Chase Field in Phoenix Arizona, downtownwhen Your family get there. It is tucked away into a mountain and still so beautiful. During the season, we enjoy visiting Chase Field to watch the Diamondbacks play. There is a toddler area where the kids can run around while Your family watch the game and that helps so much!

Chicago, IL

My love Chicago has grown so much and that is why I have to add it to this list. We only go during the summer so those winter trips are foreign to me. One thing we always do is head to the Children’s Museum but I will warn Your family, this will take up most of your day. There is so much to do there that Your family may just want to stay at Navy Pier for the day. There beach is close by so Your family can head over there when Your family are done playing at the Children’s Museum.

With That Being Said

I know that there were so many places that we have yet to see and I will make a new list every time we check them out. For Michigan Ave Chicago, Illinois now, this is a good place to start for us. My son is only 4 right now, so we have so many more places to explore. Where you do you like to take your children? Let me know in the comments below or tag me @ViVacations #FunTravelStuff Happy and safe travels my friends!





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